Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 4

The CUMECS cruise is almost coming to an end, but a lot of new data is still coming in!! We can't stop!:)

This morning we deployed a high resolution seismic source called Sparker, and at the same time we were shooting the Chirp, here you have one of the profiles collected crossing a massive landslide. This profile is like a x-ray image that shows the sub-seafloor and displays the main geological features forming that landslide.

After the seismic operations we started another ROV transect, between 300-500 m water depth. Many observations were done with the most important being the surprising presence of two other sharks, an octopus, fish and a really angry squat lobster which attacked our poor Pollux (ROV). Unfortunately we found as well a lot of rubbish, and fishing lines abandoned, which suppose a big danger for marine organisms.

We used an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) to measure the oceanographic currents of the area. We have also done a dredge to sample the upper part of seafloor and we have collected fragments of coral and rocks.

Some scientists were watching the football match while others were doing the shift, of course!!!! The atmosphere is really good and all the Spanish scientists are still on board!:)
Thanks to Dario, we all ate an amazing Birthday cake! Happy Birthday Dario!